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[APRIL FOOLS] Project SkyBird || Next-level multiplayer experience Announcements

By Megadreams on Mar 31 2015 09:26 PM

This was an april fools' prank!We are very thrilled to announce our newest project that even our own members didn't know about. We (MegaDreams, GTX and Jockie) have been secretly working on a project that will change your experience in both SA-MP as MTA forever.We managed to create new technology that allowed us to connect a SA-MP server to a MTA server and improved it further from that point on. Up to the point where we are even able to connect multiple SA-MP servers and multiple MTA servers to...
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Leadership switch and server info Announcements

By Megadreams on Mar 16 2015 01:34 PM

We sadly enough have to start this announcement with a sad turn of events. A few days ago FataL who was one of the clan leaders decided to leave the clan. We want to thank him for everything he did for the clan (both Race Generation as Ultimate AIR Gamers). But! With bad news there also is good news. From now on ZnoW!d [PiMouZ (turn your screen upside down)] is part of the leadership of the clan! Congratulations! We know you'll be doing a great job as you've proven yourself numerous of times...
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Welcome on our website! Announcements

By Megadreams on Feb 16 2015 06:29 PM

Welcome!Very recently the Race Generation clan (from which I was part) had decided to do a namechange. The name we changed it to was Ultimate AIR Gamers. This means that we are back in Multi Theft Auto from now on. The Race Generation clan will cease to exist as a clan on it's own but will life further within our community. Therefore all of the old rG members can decide to play with their old tag on our servers or use the UAG| one. They are now part of the UAG community as well after all.Like ou...
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What is Ultimate AIR Gamers?

We are a gaming community and clan that mainly focusses on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas. Ultimate AIR Gamers, or UAG, was created on 6 February 2011 and has since then been growing a lot. Due to circumstances we weren't open a certain times but now our core comes from the Race Generation clan. This steady base with all the knowledge we've gathered throughout time will allow us to grow even more and therefore allowing us to do more for you, the player. Our aim is to give everyone the best possible gameplay possible. To accomplish this we are always busy trying to find out new ways to improve ourselves and our servers. At this very moment we are developing Sapphire, a brand-new server that by itself is a platform allowing you to customize it in such a way that it perfectly fits you.



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