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By Megadreams on Jul 24 2015 08:10 PM

We know well enough that every single one of you always wants to know what is actually going on and when things we create will finally appear. This news topic has been created for that exact purpose. The server I'll start with something you probably are most interested in. What about the server? When will it finally arrive? What about earlier promises? Let's recap everything first shall we? When Race Generation got renamed we planned on modifying that server so that it would been connected to ...
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Happy birthday PiMouZ! News

By Megadreams on Jul 10 2015 11:12 PM

11 July PiMouZ 20 Years Happy birthday!
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We have pink and a new leader! Announcements

By Megadreams on Jun 04 2015 07:37 PM

That title ought to get your attention so let's get started! First of all we are happy for your interest in our clan! We sadly enough can't accept every one of you though but that doesn't mean you should give up at all. Perhaps you might get invited someday? That said, we have finished our voting and therefore are going back to invite-only from now on. Through the voting we have accepted these wonderful new members: *Mondim^^, DanNyel, DubZ, Gosk and Rextox! We are happy to have you in our clan ...
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What is Ultimate AIR Gamers?

We are a gaming community and clan that mainly focusses on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas. Ultimate AIR Gamers, or UAG, was created on 6 February 2011 and has since then been growing a lot. Due to circumstances we weren't open a certain times but now our core comes from the Race Generation clan. This steady base with all the knowledge we've gathered throughout time will allow us to grow even more and therefore allowing us to do more for you, the player. Our aim is to give everyone the best possible gameplay possible. To accomplish this we are always busy trying to find out new ways to improve ourselves and our servers. At this very moment we are developing Sapphire, a brand-new server that by itself is a platform allowing you to customize it in such a way that it perfectly fits you.



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